Get out and Explore!

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.” -Author Unknown

Hey friends!

I have been totally slacking [again] for the last couple weeks so it’s time to catch up! Between working two jobs [12 days in a row, I might add!] getting bronchitis + a nasty respiratory infection, and having some gorgeous Colorado weather, I have been staying pretty busy since my last post!

The Denver area finally got some snow that seems to be sticking around. Let’s talk about this for a minute, because if you’re not from Denver,  you’re probably thinking, “She lives in COLORADO & they’re basically know for snow, winter, mountains, and skiing..” YEAH-That’s what I thought too! Before moving here, I had only visited parts of Colorado in the months of May & July, so the weather was warm, sunny, and wonderful. Little did I know that the Denver area we live in has extremely mild winters with only a handful of days of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. We get close to 300 days of sunshine a year in Colorado, which means that even if we get an occasional snow storm, the sun usually melts it away pretty quick, which I LOVE. With that being said, my little suburb of Denver has looked like the inside of a shaken snow globe the last few days.  We started getting heavy snow over the weekend, which actually managed to close some business, churches, roads, and other activities to keep people off the roads and safe.

Prior to this weekend, we’ve actually had some record breaking days in January & February with temperatures all the way into the mid 60’s and 70’s which means Drew & I spent every second outside exploring!

“Get out & Explore” shirt from: Mile High Clothing Company
Love & Laughs @ Genesee Park
Red Rocks & the hottest hubs 😉
Coozie from: Mile High Clothing Company
I ❤ MTNS Coozie from: Mile High Clothing Company
I'll never get tired of following this guy around
I’ll never get tired of following this guy around.

SIDENOTE: I have been loving my newest purchases from Mile High Clothing Company. I randomly found this local Colorado company online and have been SO happy with the items I received.  I bought two tee’s, a sticker, and a coozie, [pictured below] all which are super soft & comfortable. If you love mountains, adventures, and exploring, check them out today!

I’ve said it before and I will say it as long as I am living in Colorado.. I am SO thankful to reside in a place that lets me get out and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds me, even through the middle of the winter, with my most favorite person in the world by my side.  Thank you God for blessing me with the most amazing journey through this crazy life!

After all, life is but one great & grand adventure, so go out and start exploring today! 

Until next time,