Hello 2015!

Well folks, it’s that time of year where everyone is posting their resolutions and goals for the next 365 days so what the heck, I might as well join in [sort of] – 2014 was a great year for me that was full of travel, music, family, laughter, and love. Here’s a quick recap:

Jan/Feb: I left my job at the jewelry store to pursue a childhood dream of working with animals. Enjoyed visits from Drew’s parents & my dad. The newest addition to our family was born Feb. 21 {Nala May}

my dad!
my dad!
metting miss Nala May!
meeting my Bengal babe Miss Nala May!

March: I found out I was going to be an AUNT & I started working at a veterinary clinic

April: Drew’s brother Louie visited & Drew & I went to the first Red Rocks concert of the year: Skrillex

Drew, Lou & I at Red Rocks
Drew, Lou & I at Red Rocks

May: my FAVORTIE month. Drew & I’s birthday month, had another fun visit from my dad, & we brought our Nala girl home for good!

Pre-Bday Dinner @ Texas De Brazil
Pre-Bday Dinner @ Texas De Brazil

June: Enjoyed a much needed visit from Nate & Naomi

Cuties! <3
Cuties! ❤

July: I left my job at the vet, had great week-long visit from my mom & step dad, celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary & One year CO anniversary..{holy smokes, time flies!}  had an amazing weekend at Southpark Music Festival (where we met some awesome new friends & listened to some great music) AND we took the BEST 10-day road trip to Moab, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas [x2] & California to visit family which I haven’t seen in years [OK, July ROCKED]

my mama, Ed, Drew & I
my mama, Ed, Drew & I
Roadtrip recap
Road trip recap
Drinking wine on our 2nd annual anniversary hike because wine not! see what I did there ;)
Drinking wine on top of a mountain our 2nd annual anniversary hike because wine not! see what I did there 😉

August: I got a new job, went to the KEITH URBAN concert, my all time FAVE, and had a surprise trip home for my sis-in-law’s baby shower & a quick visit with some of my favorite people

Surprise visit!
Surprise visit & showering this beaut!

September: Coby’s birthday which means I’m finally an aunt! started Mile High Hoosier & went to our last Red Rocks show of the year: Kings Of Leon

KOL concert
KOL concert

October: Took a week-long road trip home to meet the cutest baby in the world & spent some much-needed time at home with family & friends [see IN recap in profile]

SO much sweet boy!
SO much sweet boy!

November: enjoyed a visit from my crazy Hawaiian older brother, JD who we hadn’t seen since our wedding, got a new roomie – one of Drew’s BFF’s from home, and went to a couple more concerts: Barcelona & Citizen Cope

Citizen Cope: SO GOOD.
Citizen Cope: SO GOOD.
typical JD! 😉

December:  Had a nice weekend with some more visitors from home, Drew’s dad & brother,  sadly celebrated another Christmas missing family, but a enjoyed a beautiful day in Colorado with my wonderful hubs & ended the year with one last concert for NYE: STS9

Photo Cred: Jessie Nicole Photography
Photo Cred: Jessie Nicole Photography

W O W, 2014 was amazing for Drew & I, and those were just some of the highlights!

With that being said, I am so excited for 2015 and all the adventures this year can bring. I really dislike saying that I’m going to make “resolutions” mainly because for me, those tend to get put on the back burner and frankly just forgotten about. No one should ever feel like a failure because you didn’t complete a list you made in the beginning of the year. Trust me, I have been there and done that for oh, about 20 years now..yikes. For me, there is always something that gets forgotten about or that I just give up on, and even though I am the one that made the list to begin with, I still tend to feel like I’ve failed myself. To me, it’s completely normal for a person to discover new change as it surfaces in your life, so why wait! If you believe a change needs to be made to better yourself or for the benefit of others, it doesn’t necessarily need to start with the New Year. I truly believe that as long as you’re living life the way that you want to live every day & in a way that God directs for you, you don’t need to make a list. In no ways am I knocking anyone who does make a list of resolutions, to each their own & by all means, good luck to you, I wish you all the best & success! With all that being said, I do have some things I am pursuing and improving personally throughout 2015:

  • I will strive to read more whether it is books, magazines, devotions, or online articles. Reading is something I’ve always enjoyed, but as I’ve gotten older, I lost some of the passion I used to have for this hobby which I’m hoping to work on in 2015. NOW ACCEPTING ALL GREAT BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS & GO! 
  • I WILL blog more. I WILL, I PROMISE. I love having this outlet to keep people connected & in sync with what is going on in my life as well as another way to communicate & express myself in a different form than talking, which I’m really good at.. Y’all will be reading more about me through Mile High Hoosier real soon! 🙂
  • I hope to craft more. For Christmas, I made some good old-fashioned homemade gifts from the heart, {new blog post coming soon} for my mama & my future sister-in-law [check Amanda’s blog talkprayshop.com] and realized again just how much I LOVE do it yourself crafts & creating something special for loved ones.
  • I have a major sweet tooth and have been finding myself craving all things sweet lately, therefore I am going outside of my classic cooking comfort zone and am going to try to bake more, obviously for my own benefit 😉

So there you have it, just to name a few. Some of these I will do well, and some I’m very sure, not so well, but that’s all part of the fun, and if I don’t do these things, that is okay too. I hope you all are able to accept the change God places in your life, and be okay with letting go of some of the things you may have failed at. You will know when the time is right, and when the necessary change needs to be made for yourself. Good luck to everyone with your goals and resolutions for the year to come. I hope 2015 brings you good health and lots of happiness. I am excited to share more crafts, recipes, and stories with you all this year, so keep checkin’ back on what’s new here at Mile High Hoosier & as always, thanks for reading!

xoxo, Rose


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