Indiana Recap

Hey all! Once again, I am majorly slacking at blogging! UGH but in good reason, we have been busy traveling and recovering from a whirlwind week long trip to Indiana!  After two of the longest weeks of my life, we finally made it back home to meet our precious nephew Jacoby Andrew


My life feels complete. I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was for me being 18 hours away from one of the most precious gifts to our family. It’s truly amazing how much love you can have for someone you’ve never even met & I honestly cannot comprehend how crazy in love I will be when it’s Drew and I’s turn to bring a little babe into this world!

I mean, how good does he look with a baby in his arms! <3
How good does he looks with a baby in his arms!?

This last week has been tough for me recovering from spending 30+ hours in a car, leaving friends, family & that adorable 6.5 pound bundle of joy, and getting back into our daily routines of our everyday life in Colorado. I miss everyone so much already and I am so thankful for the opportunity to go home and have a much needed week with some of my favorite people.

Drew and I were both so busy on our trip trying to spend as much time with every as we could, especially Coby.  I mastered the art of being a complete baby hog every chance I got and loved every second of it. I think he kinda liked it too 🙂

Obsessed <3
Obsessed ❤

We had plans for just about every day & night that we were there and we had so much fun catching up with friends we haven’t seen in ages. It had been thirteen months since Drew was home last, so it was so good to see him back home in Indiana. The weather wasn’t the greatest, it was pretty chilly the whole time we were home, but we made it back just in time to see some of the gorgeous fall colors Indiana has to offer, one thing I have missed in Colorado. And here’s the one & only picture I have to show for it!

The ONLY pic I took :(

Ruby playing in the leaves
Ruby Tuesday 🙂

Friday night was one of my favorites. We got to watch our bro Eric Lee Carpenter’s album release concert at Ignition Garage and celebrate with friends and family after the show at Constant Springs. I was & still am SO blown away by Eric’s talent and how amazing it was watching him preform live. Eric’s EP, “A Good Place to Start” is  and is available NOW on iTunes & Spotify, so do yourselves a favor and download it today, you will not be disappointed! 

I am beyond thankful for safe travels and the time we spent with everyone. I was sad to see the time come and go so quickly, but once again, it has made me realize how special Indiana and the people there are to me. I’m already looking forward to the next time Drew & I will have the chance to visit again.

Until next time friends!

xo Rose


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