Better late than never!

Well hello friends, family, and anyone else that might be reading this, welcome and thanks for stopping by! I have wanted to start a blog ever since Drew and I moved to Colorado last July to keep everyone in tune with all the fun and exciting things we’re doing in our new surroundings and how we are living & loving life in the Mile High City. So, in true Rose form, here we are one year two months and nine days later with my very first blog post!! I even made a New Years Resolution to start a blog THIS year, and now halfway through September, here we have it, better late than never! 🙂

I’ll start by briefing you with what prompted us to move 18 hours away from Indiana, the only place we’ve ever called home. Throughout Drew & I’s whole relationship, we always talked about living somewhere fun and exciting so we could experiencing a new place together before we really start to think about settling down and starting a family. We started planning after we got married in July 2012. I was in a place at that time where I was thinking about returning back to school to obtain a degree in Special Ed. I was looking for a school that I could go on campus and online, so we were really looking into schools in places we could see ourselves living, at least for a few years. I decided on attending Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO because they had a great online program for working adults and started going back to school in February.  Drew and I really felt like this was God’s way of opening our eyes and preparing us for a new chapter in our lives.  We planned a trip in May to visit Colorado, since Drew had never been, and it did not take long for us both to fall in truly, madly, and deeply in love with Colorado. By the way, thank you, Savage Garden, for our new theme song. On our trip, we were able to visit a close friend that lived in the mountains and also explore Lakewood and Denver for a few days. During that trip, we realized this is the place for us to be.  So, long story short, here we are roughly 435 days later, without any regrets, living out our dream in beautiful Colorado. The only thing that could make this state any better is if we had family and friends that lived close by, [COUGH COUGH, WINK WINK] Carpenters, Swoveland’s and everyone else that we miss so SO much!! 🙂

Drew and I truly love everything this wonderful state has to offer. We currently live in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver so we are about 15 minutes from downtown and 15 minutes to the mountains, so basically the PERFECT combo if you ask me! Through this blog, I hope to fill you in on some of the things we love most about Denver and all the other fun stuff we do in Colorado like hiking, mountain biking, enjoying the picture perfect scenery around us, but seriously guys, the scenery…(I promise the pictures I post will NOT do this place justice at ALL) the literally never ending list of places to explore and adventure, and some of the ahhhmazing food we’ve stuffed our faces with because after all, those are some of our favorite things!

My hopes for this blog are simple, I would love for the people we miss so dearly to stay in the loop with what is going on in our lives, and all the adventures we are experiencing in Colorado. I feel so extremely blessed to be living such a wonderful life with my best friend and the love of my life and I cannot wait to share some of our amazing and unforgettable experiences with you all.  Thank you again for reading, and I am looking forward to sharing more stories and adventures with you guys soon!




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